Crush Elm

Crush Recycled Glass
Crush Recycled Glass
Crush Recycled Glass
Crush Recycled Glass

Crush Elm

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SIZE  158mm x 78mm 

EDGE  Uneven Bevel


LEAD TIME 1-12 Weeks

BODY  100% Recycled Glass

SUITABILITY  Indoor, Wall, Floor

Meet Crush, Fireclay Tile's 100% Recycled crushed Glass Tile. Fireclay Sources the raw waste glass from within 20 miles of its San Jose, California factory the crushes, processes and transforms the the crushed material into stunning recycled glass tile. 

The colour names are inspired by natural elements (Elm, Poppy, Ash) and compliments the organic nature of Fireclay's localised sourcing and production of Crush. 

Each Tile is handmade giving then an individual look and feel, the tiles are extremely versatile and can withstand normal fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Additionally the tiles are nonporous making them resistant to chemicals that can be laid vertically or horizontally.