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Encaustic Tile/Cement Tile gives you the spirit of the old days and combines this in a unique way with the modern designs of today etched on Cement Tile. We travel the globe, discover, and source products that live and tell their own story. Mostly handmade and therefore, one of a kind... Let us inspire you.
Perhaps one of the most beautiful tile species in the world. Everything about the Zelliges tile is beautiful. Zelliges or Zellij in Arabic are an Arab art form, they are in great demand. The lively surface gives the tile its character. No tile is equal and each tile is hand obliquely truncated at the edges, making them virtually seamless to place.

Our Encaustic best Sellers 2016!!

100% Locally Recycled Glass Tile. Innovative and beautiful the Crush Glass Tile is a cut above your average tile, with its Eco friendly source, handmade in California it has a beautiful sustainability about it!
These beautiful tiles are fired at higher temperatures than regular ceramic tiles, so theyr’re more dense and less porous. Porcelain is 30% stronger than granite and resistant to staining making them easy to clean, and offer superior wear resistance.